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Funeral Registers

Garland Eugene Macy:


Linda Stillions, Rhonda Thompson (Vaughan), Lindsay Corldreen Inow, Dorothy Ann Parnell, Mrs. Doris Fields, Polly Ritter, Thura White, Evelyn White, Cody Taylor, LeAnna Taylor, Jane Collins, Freda Howerton, Rose Peck, Beth Carr, Opal Hatfield, Jim Stauber, Gerald Williams, Pastor David and Elaine Howlett, Bob Smith, Betty Lankford, Garland and Betty Sims, Amber Spencer and Roxanne (Southwest Cafe), Molly Files and Family, Nick and Boone Macy, Harley Smith, Tim and Erin Macy, James and Patti Carroll, Avis Lankford Rudd, Doris Sargent, David Matthews, Twila White, Reed Smith and Janie Carey, Billy C. Miller, Dick and Tandi Davis, John W. Davis, Juan and Alma Garza, Ron Noel, Heidi and Jason Pfetcher, Mertie Harmon, Solomon Bowona, Jose Roguel, Molly, Brenda Cates (Kilby), Anna Harmon, Tina and Ron Duncan, Jenna Rossi, Robert Stauber, Rick Farmer, Manuel Ortiz, Sr., Ruby Flynn, Jeff Flynn, Jim Boston, Tiffany and Nathan Burke, Justin and Lisa Smith, John and Kay Greer, Rosa Melendez, Walter and Stella Farmer, Floyd and Carolyn Sreaves, David N. Wills, Tom Quinn, Robert and Doris Porterfield, Ruby Emanuel, Regina Macy-Ward, Deanna McClelland, Wyndy Wyatt, Bill Mitchell, Sondra Flynn, Teaira Moore (Angela's Daughter), Angela Lankford Crawford, Diane Cooper, Joyce Short, and Abe Paul.

(Note:  We failed to keep a record of flowers and cards, but the following notices were included in an envelope from the funeral home):

Flowers:  A basket arrangement from "the Nunn Family"  (Sam Nunn of Neosho, MO), a basket arrangement from Susan and Alvin Files and Nancy and Arrnold Allen (Scott's parent's and aunt and uncle from Ada, OK), and a basket arrangement from Don and Belle Anderson ("The Shoney's Breakfast Buddies"), and a note of condolence from Bill Miller and Polly Rider with the words "God Bless".

Ruby Florine (Sreaves) Macy:


Betty Michael, Rose Peck, Reta Parnell, Jean Harkins, Dixie Holcomb, Hester Haney, Phyllis Lewis, Mary Forbes, Debra Coffee, Karen Womack, Donna Meador, Shirley Landers, Phyllis McCulley, Mary Moritz, Orval Moritz, Martin Stauber, Mertie Harmon, Mr. and Mrs. Larry Coffee and Kelly, Lucile Fowler, Betty Meador, Joe Bradley, Ronnie, Chris, and Matthew Tinkle, Karen Crouse, Beth Carr, Ted and Lucy Smith, Floyd and Shirley (Sreaves), Randy Gilmore, Gale and Judy Duncan, Mr. and Mrs. Billy Lewis (Connie Sreaves), Roxanne Wren (Sreaves), Sharon Boyer (Sreaves), Brenda Pollick (Macy), Joyce Jones, Chris Jones, Patti Carroll, Carl and Gracie Huitt - Riverside Art Guild, Golda Coilott, Dan and Rose Ann Harmon - Riverside Art Guild, Chas. and June Conell, Billie and Jack Allman, Dr. and Mrs. W.F. Stiles, Louis and Lela Hansen, Linda and Jerry Abercrombie and family, Chris and Everett Thomas, David and Della Gudgell, Bob and Christine Dobbs, Treva Haught, Vicki Barth, Freda Howerton, Gretchen Day, Anna Harmon, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Lankford, Betty and Wayne Macy, Dennis Lankford, Agatha and Harris Farmer, Paul and Inez Viles, Boone and Leota Denton, Victor and Rachel Montgomery - S.W. City, Lucile Allman, Juanita Garvin, Ottis Hill, Stephen C. Sreaves, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Pew, Jack Viles, Mr. and Mrs. Max Nunn, Sam Nunn, Ron Duncan, Barney H. Forbes, Jack and Mary (Sreaves) Clotfelter, Charlie and Nadene Bruton, Orville Macy, Jr., Jim Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Gene Mitchell, Dick and Tandi Davis, Fred Bryant, Mr. and Mrs. Patrick W. Laurie, Dan and Roseann Harmon - Riverside Art Guild, Gracie Huitt - Riverside Art Guild, Goldie Coillot - Riverside Art Guilt, Fred and Margaret Smith, Dianna S. Afuvai, Paul Howarth, David and Della Gudgell, Sue Benett, Mary Anne Meek, John Davis, Don Davis, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Schifferli, Guy Deaton, Mary Manning, Polly Coonrod, James, Patti, and Ryan Carroll, Mr. and Mrs. Warren Gough, Chas. and June Conell, David N. Wills, J. Howard Alexander, Dan L. Short, Mark D. Allman, Jack F. Allman, and Linda Kaneer.


My father recorded a list of everyone who sent a condolence card inside of the funeral book.  That list includes the following: 

Chris and Everett Groves, Howard and Jo Jacobs, Dan and Rose Ann Harmon, Ruth Porterfield, John and Dorothy Davis, Jackie Puryear, Tuck and Kay Ellis, Don and Boonetta Davis, Bill and Doris Fields and J.J. Stephens, John and Kay Greer, Bud and Mary Porter, Robert and Vicki Barth and Jennifer, Fred Blue and Leatha Snyder, Mildred Timpkin, Junior and Nadine Cantrell, Martin and Marge Stauber, Boone and Leota Denton, Freda Howerton and Family, Betty Meador, Edna and Bill Copeland, Marvin Chapman, Hershel Macy and Family, Ray Kleinhaus, David and Carol Wills and Mindy, Tamhra Ford, Gale and Judy Duncan, Sale Home Health Nurses, Helen Pearman (letter), Jerry and Jan Weis, Toad and Wanetta Hollaway, Don and Eleanor Sheppard, Newton-McDonald Board of Realtors, Ruth and Fred Marble, Ron Snyder and Family, Karen and Mike Viles, Dean and Thursey Roard, Millie Morse Family, Ed and Gladys McQuillan, Mary and George Tarwater, Polly Ritter, Barbara and Bill Ahlquist, J. Howard and Coradell Alexander, Chick and Mary Lou Shaddox Family, Nolan and Barbara McNeill, Crowder College - Vocational Tech, Howard and Jo Jacobs and Jerry, Grace Cunningham, Bert and Dixie Hurn, Mary and Barney Forbes, Missy and David Frazee, Don and Eleanor Shepherd, Bill and Muriel Bowers, Freda Howerton, Bob and Phyllis McCulley, Mary Liskey, Vernor and Jean Hook, Leon and Carol Perry, Wanda Davis, Lonnie and Debra Stetina and Family, St. Caneras Catholic Church, Cecil and Ella Belle Smith, Leroy Ruede - Baptist Minister, Ray and Cindy Edwards, Judy Kerry, Mary Lou Ritter, Chris Groves, Wayne and Ronda Holley, McDonald County Democrat Women, Mr. and Mrs. Gary Davis, Fred and Sharon Drummond, Rose Peck, Glenora and H.B. Stevens, Patti Carlson, Hugh and Hester Haney, Leah Beth Cates, Richard and Kathleen, Marilyn Hartshorn, Helen Pearman, Theresa, Marty, and Betty Roubik, and Judy Kerry.

Memorial Donations:

Dad also kept a list of people and organizations who made memorial donations.  They follow:

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Mauck - American Cancer Society, Lucille Fowler - Day Care, Pat and Mary Laurie - McDonald County Library, and Jeanne Fitton - American Cancer Society.  The following individuals donated to the Noel School Library:  Barney and Mary Forbes, Clarence and Alma Monholland, Billie and Jack Allman, Bill Kilgore family, Robert Crane Family, Dixie Holcomb and the 2nf grade, Alma Monholland and the 4th grade, Janine Kelley and Children, Joyce Short, Larry and Margaret Coffee, Bob and :Phyllis McCulley, Fred Blue, Jean and Odell Harkins, Phyllis Lewis, Skip and Mary Meek, Orval and Sue Barrett, Steve and Reta Parnell, Ken and Elaine Wagener, and the Noel Alumni Association 

Nancy Jane "Siss" (Roark) Sreaves:

The following persons signed the "Relatives Attending" section of the guest book at Siss Sreaves funeral:

Glen Tucker, Jess and Lula Sreaves, Marvin Sreaves, Harry and Ethel Anderson, Grace Tucker, Margie Tucker, Hycle Tucker, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Tucker, Margaret Pogue, Carol Nunn, Christine Dobbs, Ruth Marble, Bob Dobbs, Floyd Sreaves, Shirley Sreaves,  Betty Lou Macy, Ned Sreaves, Gwendolyn Sreaves, Dalton Macy, Joe and Fannie Ulmer and family, Mr. and Mrs. Gene Scurlock, Florine Macy, and Garland Macy.

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